About Us

What started as a way to fund a college education soon turned into a journey to follow a passion. Jamie Nisbet started Outdoor Impressions in 1989 out of a Volkswagen hatchback and his family's old lawnmower. The thrill of creating beauty in the outdoors became the driving motivation to create a lasting company that produces top quality work and exceeds its clients' expectations.

Through a commitment to deal with every client, vendor, and employee with utmost integrity, Outdoor Impressions grew exclusively by word of mouth through 2010. It was at the 2010 fall Homearama showcase that Outdoor Impressions debuted in front of the public eye by winning Gold Medals for both landscape design and curb appeal. Since then, the company has been recognized numerous times for its unique landscape designs.

Outdoor Impressions strives to help clients by developing landscapes that accommodate functional needs as well as aesthetic needs. With nearly 25 years of experience and multiple design awards, Outdoor Impressions is proven in the landscape design industry.

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